※Integrated Writing

 Both of the reading passage and the listening lecture are talking about the importance of language, especially to immigrants. Language is a main communicational way for international people. Moreover, there are many elder Chinese in America are pushed to learn English, and these courses for elder learners can get more in touch with American culture, such as talking with native speakers, watching television, and those make the elder learners feel happy.

 However, the lecturer gives her parents for example to argue the reading report. Language can play a lot to elder Chinese, but not all of them are willing to learn a foreign language. The two features that make people hold themselves from learning other language are not having to work and being insistent in Chinese. Her parents, although staying in a melting pot, America, still are limited in the Chinatown and some Chinese-using places. The lecturer takes a bad model to show the other situations. Actually, there are still many elder Chinese do not plan to learn English. By this reason, they do not easy to realize the culture of the places where they are. The lecturer also encourages her students not to give up learning English. Language is the best key for communication.

※Independent Writing

 The twenty-first century was predicted to be various kinds of world in the past time, not only a better one, but also a worse one. In fact, people have different opinions about the century they have already lived. For me, I think there are both advantages and disadvantages taken with the improvement of science and technology. For example, communication becomes easier than before by transportation, but they also cause pollution. People use modern machines and sometimes get bad side effects.

 Transportation is getting faster and easier. People traveled from one city to another wasting a lot of time by traditional means, such as on foot, by bicycle, and even cars are considered a slow way. Nowadays, we can take trains without wheels, airplanes, or other kinds of mass rapid transportations. For instance, it just needs two and half hours for me to leave from Taipei to Kaohsiung that used to take more than five hours. However, the pollutions taken from technology are increasing. Air pollution from cars and trains damages people's health. The oil of ships destroys the ocean livings. Even other way of communication, the internet, makes us live with more and more pollutants.

 Not only the good things that we can find in twenty-one century, but also bad ones. People have more convenient daily lives, but keep each other less concerned. People are not as careful about others as before.

 The twenty-first century is just like the prediction that former people said. If people now do not pay attention to the bad changes hiding in the back of the advantages, the world will become worse and worse. People enjoy the efficiency today need to protect the environment and take more care of others, too.

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