1.      a white shirt with blue strips (白底藍條紋的襯衫)

2.      garbage truck (USA)=dust cart (Eng.) (垃圾車)

3.      be scheduled to (do something) (依照計畫預定做某事)

4.      I’m already 30 minutes late for my meeting with professor Lin.

5.      Get the film developed. (沖洗軟片)

6.      plumber (修水管工人)

7.      puddle (水坑)

8.      signal my turn = signal that I’m going to turn (打燈號示意要轉彎)

9.      a blind lane (死路 死胡同)

10.  dent (凹痕)

11.  He is off getting his motorcycle fixed. (他出去了, 送摩托車去修理)

12.  I must be off soon. (我很快就得走了)

13.  male companion (男同事)

14.  backup copy (備份檔案)

15.  I’m about halfway through. (我大約完成一半了)

16.  Are you through with the work? (你工作完成了嗎?)

17.  floppy disk (磁碟片)

18.  recover the files (救回檔案)

19.  I’m already behind. (我進度真的落後了)

20.  I bite off more than I can chew. (貪多嚼不爛  給自己找了太多事情)

21.  hotpot places (火鍋店)

22.  ingredient (作料)

23.  get beyond the textbook (超出課本範圍)

24.  costume (戲服)

25.  shabby (衣著寒酸的)

26.  It’s a real shame! = What a shame! (真是太可惜了/ 跟丟臉一點關係都沒有)



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