5:00 am, the climate was still stable in Kaohsiung. I got up early and talked to my friend on the internet . People are all worrying about the typhoon landing on Taiwan, a double-eyed one.
6:40 am, I felt the wind blowing my window and some thing outside were knocking against one another, but the rain just started to precipitate. Eating out for breakfast, I bought slices of toast and two cruses of milk at Familymart. Then the rain strengthened after my arriving home. The typhoon is really strong. I shall not go out later!


上午5:00, 氣候仍然是槽櫪在Kaohsiung 。我早早起來了和與我的朋友談了話在網際網路。人們是全部擔心颱風著陸在臺灣, 一雙重eye 一個。- 上午6:40, 我感到風吹我的窗口和某一事外部敲反對互相, 但雨開始沉澱。出去吃飯早餐, 我買了多士切片和牛奶二cruses 在Familymart 。然後雨加強了在我到家以後。颱風是真正地強的。我以後不會出去。

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