Freiburg is easy to reach from just about anywhere.

By Plane

Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport lies just inside Switzerland’s borders with France and Germany. In fact, EuroAirport is on French soil, connected to Switzerland by a customs road, and is shared with Mulhouse (France) and Freiburg (Germany). Getting from the EuroAirport to Freiburg itself takes less than an hour. The Airport Bus runs almost hourly (see for details). Südbaden Bus GmbH (SBG) also offers a frequent shuttle bus service to/from Freiburg (the “Hauptbahnhof,” the main train station) from early morning to midnight (see Car rental from various major companies is also available at the airport.

Other nearby international airports include Strasbourg, Zürich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt—all of which are 1½ -3 hours away by bus or train from Freiburg. For those arriving in Frankfurt: trains run hourly from the airport in Frankfurt directly to Freiburg. For those coming from overseas: the EuroAirport does not service transatlantic or transpacific flights. Flights into Frankfurt, Zürich, London, Brussels, or Paris with connections to the EuroAirport are the easiest to arrange.

By Train

Since Freiburg lies within the network of the European railway system and is also an Intercity Express (IEC) station between Frankfurt and Basel, it is readily accessible by rail from all directions – 40 minutes from Basel; 2 hours from Frankfurt (see and for more details). Look for connections with French railways (SNCF) via Strasbourg and Swiss railways (SBB/CFF) via Basel. Freiburg’s Hauptbahnhof (main train station) is located a block away from the Dorint Novotel.

By Bus

Long-distance bus service to and from Freiburg is provided by SBG, which also offers shuttles to and from the airport (see above). SBG is based at the Central Bus Station, which is located next to the Hauptbahnhof—just a block away from the Dorint-Novotel.

By Car

Freibrug lies on the A5 Frankfurt am Main - Basel motorway, which runs north-south from Frankfurt through the Rhine Valley and all the way to Milan. The A5 offers connections to the French A35, A4 (Strasbourg-Paris) and A36, A6 (Mulhouse-Lyon) and to the Swiss motorway networks via Basel. The A81 Bodensee motorway (Stuttgart-Singen) runs through the east of the Black Forest and turns into the B31 as it moves through the “Höllental” on its way to Freiburg.
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