Topic:Cause to Studying with Jobs of the Attending Teachers in Junior High Schools in Taipei County



  Adult-returning education becomes a trend of education, however, although there are lots of researches of learning motions and effects in papers, which focus on the attending. Moreover, the needs of studying of on-the-job teachers (the attending) are different from their task in school. In consequence, my report is to take a sight from adult-back education to the studying causes affecting attending-teachers in Taipei County. The 360 samples are gathered, including 297 of those in 16 junior-high-schools, and others discussing later.

  This report is to finding out the difference between common teacher and attending teachers’ studying motions, and to draw some directions for those attending teachers to improve profession levels, and then, to provide some references to authorities.

Keywords: Attending (teachers), study with job, cause of learning

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