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Reading: Wrining style in gender

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 The lecture mentions the difference of gender about writing styles, and this difference is obvious based on some researches.

 By comparing characteristics of males and females, people realize which gender will get more success when apply a fond for scientific researches. A female writer use more “involving” style, more relationships and linkages in papers, and focus on who will do or who is doing the work. However, a male writer gives more information to support his idea, and focus on what will be done. Another pattern that can be find from different writing pattern is that, the females use more fictional ways, such as a lot of pronouns. By contrast, the male’s writings are more non-fictional.

 To sum up, these contrast patterns of writing styles can affect the committees about the choice. When needing a grant, professors don’t have patience to read all of the proposals, because the contents are similar to others. The male’s writing style will be more efficient to get success and close the goal, and that means, the committees would accept reports written by males.

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