There are already synopses to ten data of phonetic correspondence system between Liuqiu language and Chinese during more than three hundred years in Ming and Qing dynasties. About one thousand entries are listed. At the beginning of the investigation, ten kinds of language materials were compared with each other to see how Chinese vocabularies are like. We can find some kinds of “Records of Mission to Liuqiu, Yee Yu” have their predecessors. On contrast, the four related writings in Qing dynasty have specific edit styles, especially the last one of Liuqiu Translation (A.D. 1800) which is almost not only the personal-created Ryu-Han corresponding phrases book, but also the one representing a generalization of good views or ideas.

Furthermore, the gathered “Chinese characters for articulation--transliteration” were analyzed in the plan and then the solutions told us that the word used in the transliteration are diverse as well as complicated. From now on, we have to find and compare all the sound of Liuqiu language in order to organize correspondence relation among them. Assuming that the transliteration and Liuqiu language have partial sound in common, we put this as the most difficult work. Some earlier researches have done but not come to perfection, and we need to study this theme further.

barbarian language, 寄語transliteration, phonetic correspondence system between Liuqiu language and Chinese, correspondence relation.
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