My Sinologic English class is become more and more difficult. Sometimes I feel it's already far from my ability, because I need to take much time for preparing and previewing. However, Lecturer Tsai announce us that he decided to add our loading and test one another time to make sure our hardworks. The bad information was put down to some stuednt's absence and cheats in class.

So, who is to blame? The mad teacher or the cheatting student? Anyway, I must be the victim.
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  • cttttc
  • You are really the poor guy!
    How about trying to talk to your teacher? Actualy, It is a pity for graduate students to cheat in class!
  • Hannah
  • Yeah~~I would like to tlak to teacher, but finally withdrew.
    What should I say when other students who have got more struggle than me didn'g say first?
    Maybe you can teach me.
    I am just scared.